Let's digitize tomorrow's health together!

The aim of the partnership between Febelco & SeekandCare is to simplify the daily life of healthcare professionals. We believe that healthcare professionals should focus on the essential: taking care of their patients!

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Partnership with Febelco

Buying on SeekandCare means

Compare offers

Thanks to our comparator, you have access to the best offers for your favorite products.

Simplify your purchases

No more multiple order channels, you will be able to find all of your needs on a single platform*.

Find alternatives and equivalences

Out-of-stock or limited supplies? We suggest alternative suppliers, equivalents or new products entering the market.

Selling on SeekandCare means

More qualified leads

Access to thousands of healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc.) on SeekandCare and develop your current and future customers.

More visibility

Promote your pharmacy, your products and your services to healthcare professionals who are already buying online or who are looking for innovative ideas to shop supplies in a quick and simple way.

Plus de vente

Increase your turnover and optimize the work of your colleagues and assistants thanks to an additional sales channel. Your team can instead concentrate on other things!


Your access to e-commerce: simple, risk-free and fair!

  • Total control

    You choose what to sell, when and to whom. Price setting and stock control is completely in your hands.

  • Complete solution

    SeekandCare manages the generic files of your products, customer service and payment processing.

  • Without risk

    Zero fixed costs, zero risk: sell without obligation and stop whenever you want.

  • Pro-active assistance

    Your assigned account manager is there to help you optimize your sales and answer all your questions.

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Join us and let's digitize tomorrow's health together!

Register on SeekandCare and open up to new opportunities!

  • Improve and simplify your purchases
  • Develop a new sales channel for healthcare professionals
  • Digitize your pharmacy.

Frequently questions asked

  • SeekandCare is an online platform that connects vendors with healthcare providers. It offers the caregivers the opportunity to buy all their supplies from different vendors through one website. The products that are sold via SeekandCare are mainly products that are used by healthcare providers in the performance of their duties (compresses, plasters, gloves, hand gels, ...).

  • As a pharmacist, you have the opportunity to reach a market that is currently little reached by pharmacists. SeekandCare offers the opportunity to set up a point of sale for healthcare providers, who would otherwise turn to other platforms. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to purchase for your pharmacy directly from suppliers and thus be able to buy products more cheaply.

  • If you choose to sell products via the platform, you are fully responsible for managing this yourself. When selling a product, you will receive an order and you will have to process and send this order yourself. When it comes to pricing, you are in complete control and you choose the prices that are used. There is no financial risk and there are no fixed costs, only a commission on sales.

  • When you join the platform as a buyer, you have access to the wide range of products on SeekandCare. Here, you can quickly and easily choose which products you want to purchase and which is the cheapest seller on the platform. This allows you to purchase products cheaper.

  • The roles of seller and buyer are not connected. The sellers themselves choose the price at which they sell products. This means that some references that can be bought from wholesalers are also available on the platform at a different price. This price may be higher or lower.

  • Yes, sellers choose the price at which they sell a product. Several pharmacists can therefore offer the same product at a different price.

  • SeekandCare is responsible for the growth and maintenance of the client base and for increasing the range of services offered. A team of currently more than 12 people is dedicated full time to the operational and commercial management of the platform. SeekandCare runs commercial campaigns, interacts with the media, participates in fairs and directly contacts potential buyers and sellers.

  • Each seller, also a pharmacist, is responsible for the approach of the sale and thus for the management of the stock. This goes from processing orders to sending the orders to the buyer. However, you can call on Febelco's stock as for normal pharmacy orders.

Still have a questions?

If you cannot find answer to your question in your FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly.