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SeekandCare is the story of a team recognised healthcare professionals growing need to spend more time with their patients, by optimising their time & expenses and obtain more transparency and trust about their supplier’s quality.

Our platform’s objective is to build trust among the various actors of the healthcare community (caregivers, suppliers, intermediaries….). SeekandCare aims at considerably improving the transparency of the purchasing process of medical material all along the distribution chain.

The most important thing for us, is to allow you to focus on what is essential: your core activity, without worrying about logistics, the best available price, payments and administrative follow-up. All this without sacrificing neither the quality, nor the efficiency of your care.

  • Pierre Collard
    Pierre Collard


  • Alexandre Dewulf
    Alexandre Dewulf


  • Stéphanie Dheur
    Stéphanie Dheur


  • Damien Carlier
    Damien Carlier


  • Maxim Jamar
    Maxim Jamar

    Fullstack Developer

  • Antony Paquay
    Antony Paquay

    Front Developer & Design

  • Frederique Cauffmann

    Marketing Manager

  • Ted Sikkink

    Lead Business Developer

  • Werner Van Belle

    Senior Business Developer

  • Sophie Gillerot

    Business Developer

  • Clémence Patot

    Sales & Business Developer

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    Thursday 5th march 2020

    Retortage TV RTBF

    Covid-19: Our CEO, Pierre Collard discussed the procedure SeekandCare uses to select their suppliers so as to ensure that those using our platform are guarnteed to receive the products and devices in conformity with the latest European quality norms.

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    Friday 24th april 2020

    Retortage TV RTBF

    Covid-19 With the crisis developing, the sourcing of masks remains a daily challenge. Relive the special edition of Friday 24th to learn more aboout the KN95 masks and their efficieny compared to the type FFP2.

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    Monday 27th april 2020

    Retortage TV RTBF

    Covid 19: The Scan returns to Pierre Collard to discuss the explosion of the pricing of the alcoholic gel which which doesn't seem to have a ceiling.This crisis has thrown us in a shortage situation which probably could have been avoided.

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    Thursday 5th march 2020

    RTBF Radio

    New immersion inside our start-up where given the actual Coronaviris context , our current activities look more like a "marketplace" as explained by our CEO Pierre Collard.

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    Thursday 16th march 2020

    RTBF Radio

    Here, Stéphanie Dheur is on the phone explaining the complexity of the current market for protection mask. This includes the requisitions by the various government authorities and the production shortage which make it very difficult to import any serious quantities onto the Belgian market. Additionally availabel stock levels change constantly and so one has to react very rapidly.

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    Tuesday 14th July 2020

    Sowalfin Partenaire des PME

    Here, Stéphanie Dheur is on the phone explaining the complexity of the current market for protection mask.